"I chose Project Shift because I wanted to learn JavaScript and I didn't want to have to choose between front-end and back-end specializations. I liked the approach of learning big-picture concepts alongside practical skills, and I thought the selective admissions and small class size would mean getting the most out of our 12 weeks. I was definitely not disappointed. I worked hard, learned a TON and had the great fortune of finding a job within a few weeks of graduation."

Megan Honig, Project Shift Graduate
Software Engineer at VoiceThread

"I liked that Project Shift was competitive to get into and that wouldn't just accept anyone. It exceeded my expectations. The curriculum was really well thought out and the lessons were easy to learn from. Sean and Aaron have been super supportive and have put all of us in touch with people in their large network, many of whom have job openings."

Ashley Hardin, Project Shift Graduate
Software Engineer at InHerSight

"I had a job interview on the last day of the cohort with one of Sean's connections. After a follow up interview and a code challenge, I was hired. My experience with Project Shift has turned out better than I could have ever expected. If you are passionate about programming, and you are willing to work your butt off, you will not regret this investment in your future."

Wes Jourdan, Project Shift Graduate
Software Engineer at Fugitive Labs

"It was an absolutely amazing experience with Aaron, Sean, and Morgan. This fellowship requires a lot of hard work, but it pays off. I started the interview process with a couple companies. Three months later, I had companies sending counter-offers against each other to try and get me to work for them."

Hew Keller, Project Shift Graduate
Software Engineer at Pillar Technologies

"I felt like I had created a close relationship with them all and their support during and after the program was priceless. As far as the content of the program, they taught us many frameworks and theories that are applicable to software development today (like ES6, React/Redux, Node, etc.). I would recommend any prospective or current students to take advantage of the electives and to soak in all you can since you'll never know if it will come up in an interview."

Zulmy Cortez, Project Shift Graduate
Software Engineer at Credit Suisse

"I would voluntarily do this program again just to hangout with Aaron and Sean in the fun learning atmosphere they created. The intimate class size and heart that they have for this program is not to be understated"

Linda Vu, Project Shift Graduate
Software Engineer at Skookum