Become Proficient in JavaScript

Learn JavaScript completely as you prepare for our advanced immersive course.

The Best Place to Kickstart your Journey

Whether you’re looking to learn the world’s most popular programming language, or you’re preparing to go through the admissions process for our immersive program, our part-time, 4-week evenings course will prepare you for the next step in your journey to becoming a software engineer. Unlike our immersive program, this course is open to everyone and with no admissions barrier.

What You’ll Learn

Before the program begins, we ask that you spend a significant amount of time learning JavaScript through either Udacity, FreeCodeCamp, Udemy or Code School. Upon registering, you’ll be directed to choose one of these courses to prepare with.
For this first session, we’ll dive into a few basic programming problems as well as set up our professional environments and tools to begin writing JavaScript in a real-world context.
After a brief review of the previous week, we'll dive right into a few programming fundamentals that are common to every language as we develop a vocabulary that will help you in the interview process.
In this session we’ll begin putting together several of the foundational concepts we’ve already learned to solve harder, more complex problems that will be reminiscent of the types of issues you’ll face on the job.
Finally, by this session, you’re ready to tackle more advanced algorithms. We’ll cover different problem solving methods and focus in on how to articulate our methods as we prepare for technical interviews.

Dates and Price

Location: ReCity (112 Broadway St, Durham, NC 27701)

Dates: Every Tuesday from 7pm to 9pm, 3/6/18 – 3/27/18

Cost: $200 (if accepted to our immersive program, the cost will be applied to tuition)

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