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Prep Course Overview

Coding classes usually flop because coding is a skill and most classes are taught as if learning facts about coding will help you learn to code. Unlike other topics (like history), lecturing is minimally effective.

That’s why we’ve flipped our 5 Week Prep Course. For multiple hours a week, you will work through coding projects and exercises. When we do come together in-person, it will be in a small group context (only 5 students) with an instructor, so that you might build knowledge upon the experiences you’ve already had coding the week before.

Additionally, we believe that the first step that any beginner programmer should take is learning the complete fundamentals of one programming language – all other learning should be abandoned until this is accomplished. That’s why our Prep Course only focuses on the fundamental of one programming language – in this case, JavaScript. You can read more about why we teach JavaScript here.

Just 5 Students Per Session

To maximize your personal attention, we cap each class to just 5 students. Instructors are available around the clock via Slack to help with homework between sessions.

Actual Coding Experience

Because coding happens by doing and not by lecturing, we’ve cut the actual class-time in favor of a more intentional one-on-one experience and more time spent with fingers on the keyboard, coding.

Only 5 Weeks, Part-time

To make this important first step accessible to all, we’ve taken advantage of resources that allow you to work at your own pace. Thus, the time we have together each week is more meaningful.


Week 1: The Basics
After getting up to speed on writing code and setting up your environment, we'll dive into a background on JavaScript. Next, we'll learn about storing and tracking information with variables, working with numbers and making decisions with conditionals.
Week 2: Functions
This week is focused on learning to basics of functions, which will allow you to wrap code in an executable block allowing you to reuse or organize your code.
Week 3: Arrays and Loops
One of the core data-structures in JavaScript (and many other languages) is the array. In this week you will learn how to track lists with arrays and to iterate through them with loops.
Week 4: Objects
The other core data-structure in JavaScript is the object. Objects and JavaScript are the building block for most of the language’s more advanced features. This week you will learn how to us objects to solve more complex coding problems.
Week 5: Problem Solving
Finally, we’ll put all the basics of JavaScript together to solve real-world, complex coding challenges. At this point, you will understand the basics of JavaScript which will enable you to move into learning more advanced concepts such as closures and design patterns.

Dates and Price

Location: Project Shift @ WeWork (110 Corcoran St, Durham, NC 27701)

Next Start DateMarch 03, 2020

Registration DeadlineFebruary 25, 2020

Cost: $500, but if you’re accepted to either the Full-time or Part-time Software Engineering Fellowship program, this will go toward your tuition.

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