How it Works


Apply Online

Regardless of your background or ability, the best first step is to apply. We'll then set up an interivew which is our way of assessing where you're at, enabling us to advise you on next steps.



Book a time at your convenience and come into our offices, or join us via Google Hangouts. We'll talk about your background, and give you an opportunity to ask us questions about the program before sending you home with a coding challenge to complete and return later.


Prep Course

Depending on your level of experience, we sometimes advise that you enroll in our part-time Prep Course which will get you up to speed on JavaScript in 5 weeks.



All accepted students are given a load of work to complete before the start of the fellowship. The pre-work includes materials in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, JSON and API's so that everyone is on the same page and ready to go from day 1.


Immersive Fellowship

Finally, you're ready for our 900 hour program that will take you from 20 to 100. You'll be paired with a mentor, challenged daily by your instructors with new projects and given the opportunity to network and connect with RDU tech companies.


Job Search Support

Landing a job is a different skill than being a developer. For this reason, as soon as you graduate you're assigned a career coach that you meet with once a week 1 on 1 to ensure that you're on track to landing your first gig as a Software Engineer.