Financing Options

We’ve never had to turn down a qualified, hungry and passionate applicant purely due to finances. If you’re meant for this, we’ll figure out a way. Below are 3 avenues that make this possible.

Option 1: Skills Fund

With Skills Fund, accepted Project Shift students can borrow for the costs of tuition and living expenses. The application takes less than ten minutes to complete and applicants receive a credit decision within minutes.

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Option 2: Loanable

Based right here in Durham, NC, Loanable helps students get the financing they need for Project Shift (tuition, equipment costs, and living expenses) through low-interest friends and family loans. Students are also able to split their total financing need into small chunks (think $500) allowing several of their friends and family to contribute as a group. If the student is not able to get all the funding they need from friends and family, we have great lending partners that provide the additional capital that they need.

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Option 3: Shift Scholarship

We have select scholarship opportunities primarily aimed at boosting the representation of minorities in tech. Interested candidates can request the scholarship application upon acceptance.