Project Shift Curriculum

Our curriculum is based on Aaron and Sean's years of teaching, hiring engineers, a consistent feedback loop from our local hiring partners and a deep conviction that Computer Science Degrees and Coding Bootcamps can both be doing more. As you'll see in the journey below, we dive deep into advanced Computer Science concepts, though the JavaScript ecosystem is our primary learning tool for the course.

before the course


Day 1 at Project Shift begins with intermediate/advanced programming concepts. Therefore, we heavily emphasize our pre-work where you'll learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript fundamentals, Git/Github, the Command Line and other tools. So that you're not alone in this, we offer accepted students a weekly time to gather with instructors and get pre-work help before the course begins.

week 1

Programming Foundations

With Project Shift you'll learn programming - not just a specific language or framework. During the first week, we'll lay the groundwork for Computer Science by exploring CPU's, how memory is allocated and ultimately how every programming language is compiled down to machine language. From there, we'll explore several different programming languages to understand commonalities. By the end of this week you'll know how to read code is most any language.

week 2

The Web and Networks

One of the environments we'll program in is the Web, but the Web begins with networks (as the internet is merely a network of networks). After tearing the internet apart, we'll put it back together with interactive, responsive web pages.