Become a Software Engineer

What’s Unique About Project Shift?

Computer Science + Industry Curriculum

With the best of both worlds, our students learn the stuff that coding bootcamps don’t teach and can do what CS grads can’t.

Selective Screening and Admissions

We carefully identify candidates that would make for great software engineers through a strict admissions process.

1:5 Student-Instructor Ratio

From code reviews to career coaching, we’re all about staying small and investing in mentorship.

Our Program Syllabus

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Aaron Hayslip

For the last few years Aaron has worked with some of the country's top immersive coding programs and even started "The Startup Nation's" (Israel) first immersive coding program. Aaron brings his experience to Project Shift with a vision to reform education and build the country's leading software education experience through staying small, prioritizing students, and focusing on mentor relationships. Aaron lives in downtown Durham with his wife and 2 sons.

Sean Doherty

Sean has both his Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Computer Science with a focus on AI and a certificate in university teaching. Since deciding to not become a Computer Science professor, Sean has had 10+ years building and architecting apps for companies from start-ups to Fortune 50 brands. His passion for teaching software has expressed itself in the many developers he's hired and mentored as well as his frequent guest lectures and advisory board position at The Iron Yard. Sean lives in Durham with his wife and 5 kids.


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